Looking to move from an Annual Grant Cycle to Spring and Fall Cycle

Hello all,

Our Foundation currently runs 1 grant cycle per year (4 different Grants), with applications opening in Feb to March. Then April/May are adjudications, decisions etc. and payments are in June. The funding usually targets projects for the summer and remainder of the year, but they can also use the funding up to the next year (max 1 year from Grant Award Date).

Our Reviewers are finding themselves overwhelmed with the many grant applications they review (we are a large urban area) - thus we are considering splitting them 2 grant intakes in the Spring and 2 grant intakes in the Fall.

My question is - I am looking for some insight from any other foundation with a similar Spring/Fall intake set up? When do you intake applications, when do you adjudicate? And when do you pay out per cycle? How long do they have to use the money up before they can apply again?

Appreciate anyone's input as we begin to map out a plan.

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