Training Materials for executive Level Support Personnel

Greetings! I am working with our power users on materials that we want to develop for training of our executive-level leadership team members whom we want to engage on the key aspects on how to use and even run our donor-driven grant program via Foundant.

Do you have any step-by-step materials that are easy to consume and follow for users who may not always need to run the programs but may need to step-in and manage grants when required? I'd love to use your work as a template for our leaders.

Thank you, Community.

Belarmino A. Castellanos

Business Systems, Governance, Document Control

Trestleworks Services out of New Braunfels, Texas


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    MikaylaValeMikaylaVale Posts: 18 ✭✭✭
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    @BelarminoCastellanos We don't have a specific training path for these type of users, as they are often very custom. However, I have heard of other clients putting together a list of articles linked from our support hub that cover the very specific workflows or tasks that might be needed for that individual. This allows you to have something to give them that you don't have to keep up to date since it links to materials that we maintain. If you have questions on resources that could be referenced in such a document please feel free to reach out to success@foundant.com.

    I would love to hear how others handle training paths for different levels of staff within your organizations.

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