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Our organization is looking to create the process for the following grant and I was wondering if anyone else has implemented a similar grant? What worked, what did not? Any landmines I should look out for? [Some of the grant overview language is off as names of our partners have been redacted.]

Grant Overview: Through partnership, this grant is a collaborative, comprehensive approach aimed at helping small nonprofits develop sustainable structure, strategy, policies and plans to secure financial resources and support over the long term. Partner will provide a cohort of grantees (at no-cost) 10 virtual trainings and one-on-one coaching sessions over the course of 8 weeks with topics. At the culmination of the program, Partner will help each grantee design a roadmap to improve their organization’s infrastructure and allocate the funding to be provided by us.

We will be having the grantee submit an application to be selected (selected on first-come, first serve). And will need them to submit forms during the training. Funds will NOT be released until they complete the training.

Any insight is much appreciated!



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