Multiple tribute cards under one tribute object.

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We are just moving over to CSuite and I am looking for some suggestions on how to adapt our current tribute card process.

We have people donate to a fund in memory/honor of a person and ask that a tribute card be sent to a specific person. A tribute "object" is created in CSuite, with the memory/honor persons name. All donations being given on behalf of this person are linked to the tribute object when the donation is entered.

All the donations made for that person can then be seen within the tribute object. However, when you generate the cards...we would like multiple cards to be produced -one for each of the donations just received. We do not want the list of all donations in one card.

Does anyone else use the tribute card facility like this? Does anyone have a template that might be able to do this?

Thanks all,

Judy Kavanagh

Database Manager

Ottawa, Canada

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