How to handle FAFSA delays in scholarship judging?

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I'm a newer admin and first time post-writer.

Our scholarships give consideration to FAFSA results, but this year there are major difficulties for students in completing the FAFSA form. How have you handled this issue? Financial need isn't among our highest priorities, so I'm considering removing the FAFSA questions all together (but some students have already applied.) Our deadlines are January 15 (international) and February 15 (domestic), so time is tight and families are stressed.

I thank this group! Happy new year!


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    Hi there, and welcome! We are accepting the estimated SAI that students receive upon submission of the form. Here's our wording, in case it helps you:

    Please attach a copy of your FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS) page that includes your Student Aid Index (SAI).

    • We do not need the entire document, just the page that shows your SAI.
    • Be sure your name and the SAI are clearly visible on the upload.

    Note: If you have submitted your FAFSA, but have not yet received the FSS, we will accept a screenshot of your FAFSA submission confirmation email that provides an estimated SAI. Be sure your name and the estimated SAI are clearly visible.

    Laurie Abildso

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    Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia, Inc.

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    Hi Laurie,

    Thanks so much for offering your idea and the example from your organization. I wasn't aware of the Student Aid Index (SAI) so helpful to learn!

    Thanks for your time and participation,

    Amy Tuchenhagen

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