Student thank you videos - which platforms are you using?

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Hi everyone,

We have decided not to continue our annual scholarship reception event. Instead, we plan to gather student thank you videos to share with donors individually and the public. We are currently looking at two platforms: Thank View and Memory Fox. Does anyone have experience with either or both and have recommendations? Or are there other products out there we should also investigate?

Thank you in advance!


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    Following - thanks for sharing - Thank View sounds interesting .... we have done videos last year for individual donors, but had trouble sharing with them. For those on the Portal, easy. but for those not on the Portal or not comfy with tech, it was too large to send via email and we had to send a thumb-drive, which they also would have to know how to use and be comfy with opening. We are also doing video stories, and I like the idea of being able to easily request them. Interesting ....

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    We're looking into how to capture impact stories as well. MemoryFox is the only platform that I've seen focusing on that feature. Descript is interesting also now that you can do remote webinars, and edit directly in the platform. DonorPerfect is also featuring a new video email integration, but that's more for messaging than capturing.

    A lot of folks are familiar with Zoom by now. For low cost, we've set up a call with partners, taken ourselves off screen and hit record. The quality depends on their camera, but it's usually good enough for screens. Thanks for this discussion!

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