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We are starting our audit soon and this is the first year we are fully in Csuite for our audit. I am wondering if any of the other foundations have allowed their auditors access as read only during the audit to look at and verify the information that they are looking for? And if so, what access and permissions were given? Thanks in advance.



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    Absolutely! We added them to the "audit" group which gave them read-only access. I seem to remember it was one of the defaults pre-loaded into our system? If I examine the log for that group, it does show me the system user created it, and I added members to it.

    You can likely ask your Foundant person if it isn't in your system already. But if I examine the details of my audit group permissions, there are a few columns that show full access, amidst the mostly read-only access to everything else. For things like 1099 report and 990 report they are given full access.

    Hope this helps! Good luck with your audit. They will love CSuite. Especially if you are attaching documents and get to move them to a more paperless system of review. Ours were very happy after our transition to CSuite.

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    Thank you. This is very helpful.

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