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We have a difficult time recruiting volunteers to sit on the scholarship review committee. At this time, all reviewers score all of the applications (300+). How does anyone split the applications up so each reviewer isn't required to score/read all 300+ applications?



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    We have a smaller number of scholarship applications (~100) that go to the committee for evaluation. We strive to have each application reviewed by at least 3 individuals. The same group of 3 will review all applications for a particular scholarship. While individuals may review more than one scholarship the individuals in a specific group may vary depending on conflicts etc. I try to group and assign in such a way that each evaluator has roughly the same total number of applications to review. I should note that we currently are not using UA and have different scholarship processes so it may be easier to break them up among our evaluators.

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    Hi from Fayette County, Jodi!

    We try to group applicants who apply for similar scholarship programs. For instance, we have several similar Nursing/Healthcare scholarship programs. Chances are the applicants have applied to ALL of the programs. Grouping them really reduces the work load for the evaluators.

    Lee O'Neil, Scholarship Coordinator

    Community Foundation of Fayette County, PA

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