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Would anyone mind sharing their content in the Fund Advisor Portal Content -Grant Request Header and Footer? I have an issue with advisors sometimes not seeing their unsubmitted grant requests, due to a lengthy Header.

Thank you!

Sally Hermann

St. Croix Valley Foundation


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    Hi Sally,

    Happy to share ours:


    Use this form to request a new grant distribution from your fund.

    1. Select a grantee from the drop-down lists or enter a new nonprofit.

    2. Once you add the grant(s) to your Grant Request Cart (you'll see them populate on the right side of the screen), click the Review and Submit Grant Requests button for a final review and submittal to the Community Foundation for processing. Your grant will be processed within 7-10 business days.

    3. You will be notified via email once the grant distribution is completed. Grants already processed from your fund are listed.


    **Please review your grant request(s) above and agree to the legal terms prior to submission.**LEGAL TERMS: The above listed distribution(s) does not represent the payment of any pledge or other financial obligation on behalf of the donor, advisor or related parties. Grants from a Donor Advised fund should not result in the donor, advisor, or related parties receiving more than an insubstantial benefit as a result of the distribution (a substantial benefit could include meals, memberships, golf tournaments, etc.; donor recognition is NOT a substantial benefit). By submitting this request, I recognize that this recommendation is not binding upon the Trustees and that any funds will be allocated by the Trustees in accordance with the Community Foundation’s regular procedures.

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    SallyHermannSallyHermann Posts: 33 ✭✭✭
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    Great, thank you Elizabeth- very helpful!

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