GED & Gap Year Questions in SLM Application

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Hi all.

Just winding up our first year using SLM. Looking back we need to do a better job building the application to represent GED and/or gap year/not currently enrolled students.

Curious what info. others gather and how they ask.

Thanks in advance for any input.


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    We have a scholarship for GED students. We ask for their diploma or their GED document. I have attached the application. It has not been edited for this next season.

    For gap year students, if they have a scholarship, I edit the follow-up form to the next year as a due date. This helps me remember to remind the student to complete the form and/or to let us know if they are not going to college after the gap year.

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    Thank you, Kristen.

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    The Gap Year caused us a huge headache during lock down as we found a ton of students decided to defer acceptance until they could have the full university experience. So many of the applications in our SLM system are aimed at students going directly to post-secondary following high school.

    We got in touch with all of our Evaluators offering scholarships in our system and then built the Eligibility Quiz to address the Gap Year. We heard from a few students who were upset with no longer being qualified for a good chunk of the awards, but the criteria was not ours to set.

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    We expect students to apply senior year of high school, as a current college student, or as a non traditional college student. Those that want to take a gap year would apply as seniors and then we'll hold the scholarship for up to a year to accomodate a gap year. GED students that are of high school age would apply as a high school senior and choose "other" for their high school. Older GED students would apply as non traditional college students.

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