Charting Projected Giving/Workflows

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Hi Compass,

I'm wondering how others are understanding and charting their projected giving. We're currently struggling to understand what our next year looks like in terms of paying out installments, and how heavy our reporting workflows will be because there isn't a straightforward way to track estimated/anticipated grants in GLM. Does anyone have experience using GLM for estimates and projections? If not, what other tools are helping you track projected giving and potential workflows?

Thank you in advance!


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    I have 2 tracking processes. If you use the budgeting tool you can see what is left in a specific process for the current year. For future commitments I use the payment tracking tool and you can filter by a date range to see what is scheduled to be paid out in the date range.

    To set up a process budget, put the amount for that process in the Process Summary when you create the process. Both can be found under the Tools drop down menu in GLM.

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