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How is everyone reporting their investment activity to their fund holders? Are you reporting monthly, quarterly or both? Do you provide interest/dividends, all gains(losses), etc or just balance and grant/contribution information?

We have been entering investment information monthly, but not reporting on it until after the end of each quarter. We give the fund holders interest/dividends, realized and unrealized gains(losses). The only issue I'm having is the realized gain information we receive is quarterly and not monthly. So we have to do a revenue share that spreads that piece over the quarter, but the other information is done via revenue share monthly. This gets a bit tricky.

Just wanted to see how other foundations are calculating this information and sharing.

Happy 4th! 🎉


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    Hi Jennifer,

    Similar to you, we do revenue share monthly, but provide quarterly fund statements to your donors. However, we have a handful that need them monthly (agency funds) so we provide their online fund statements monthly.

    We provide interest/dividends and roll-up realized/unrealized gains into one figure for the fund statements. We don't have the challenge of realized only being quarterly so that part isn't an issue. We receive monthly investment statements from Morgan Stanley and reporting through Clearwater.

    Thanks and Happy 4th to you as well!

    Ann - Community Foundation Sonoma County

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