Scholarship Renewal Requirements

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Hello! Cross posting with NSPA.

We are trying to streamline our scholarship payments. Right now, we're all over the map, and it's quite an administrative burden. I know others have been discussing this, too.

As part of streamlining the process, we want to create one standard renewal requirement instead of letting the donor choose different conditions and GPAs we must assess. If you have multi-year/renewable scholarships, what are your requirements for their next scholarship payment?

We think a GPA on the lower side would be better because our goal is to award the most scholarships we can. We've seen many students struggling with their GPAs, particularly since the pandemic. I'm curious if there's an industry standard or benchmark we can recommend to donors.

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    We only have a few renewable scholarships but for those we require that they stay in good academic standing (3.0 at most universities) and then if there are specific majors or areas of study to qualify for the scholarship we make sure they are still studying that.

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