POLL: What time of year does your organization prepare its budget?

Are you on a calendar year budget and do your budget planning in the fall? Does your fiscal year end in May and you work through budgets early in the year? Vote in this anonymous poll, and share additional details on your processes below!

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POLL: What time of year does your organization prepare its budget? 26 votes

Q1 (January, February, March)
3% 1 vote
Q2 (April, May, June)
38% 10 votes
Q3 (July, August, September)
7% 2 votes
Q4 (October, November, December)
46% 12 votes
Other (provide details in the comments)
3% 1 vote


  • JesikaEllisJesikaEllis Posts: 147
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    We're on a fiscal year of 7/1 to 6/30 and start our budget review process in March.

    KaraAdams (Former Community Manager)PattiBieraGrettaKrausAmandaPool
  • DanaJefferyDanaJeffery Posts: 19
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    We operate on a calendar year budget, and development begins in September but may not be approved until October or November -it fluctuates based on Trustee availability for approval.

    KaraAdams (Former Community Manager)GrettaKraus
  • JessicaGebhardJessicaGebhard Posts: 3
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    We also use the calendar year; next's year budget is developed after Q3 closes (for the most up-to-date guess on next year's expenses) and passed sometime in November.

  • RandMorganRandMorgan Posts: 40
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    Calendar year. Much easier all around. Budget prepared in August/Sept/Oct., goes to Board for approval in November.

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