Medical School Scholarship?

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Hi everyone:

Do any of your organizations offer scholarships for medical school students? A donor would like to establish a non-endowed scholarship fund with us for this purpose and wants it to be impactful. I know med school is an expensive proposition, so what amount would make an impact? What is the payment schedule, i.e., multi-year, renewable, or one-time? If it's renewable, what criteria (such as minimum GPA) do you require? Where do you promote the opportunity? We don't have a medical school within our geography, so I expect significant outreach will be necessary. 

Most of our scholarships are for graduating high school seniors, so any information about your medical school scholarship is appreciated!

Thank you,



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    Hi @DaraGannon,

    I have a scholarship for medical school. I created a separate application for this scholarship and it is a 2 year renewable.

    Most med schools use a pass/fail system, so I just request a copy of the most recent transcript for renewal. The award is a little over $5,000 each year.

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    We offer a one-time scholarship for students attending any accredited medical school. The scholarship is for $5,000 and they have to complete our universal application and provide a copy of their acceptance letter to medical school. We usually pay the scholarship around July/August each year directly to the school and we advertise our scholarship opportunities in local newspapers and through our website and email list. We tend to have an applicant pool of around 200 each year, with a handful being medical school students.

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    We offer a medical school scholarship that pays about $5,000. I have a separate eligibility quiz (we use SLM) for the graduate level awards. The students submit their transcripts - not sure about the pass/fail because ours have had GPA's on them? Must have a 3.0 in order to qualify.

    We don't have any med schools near us, and don't have many med school students in our area, either. We get just 2 or 3 apps a year. Our award is for one year but it is possible for the student to receive more than once since our application numbers are low.

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    Our local hospital's medical staff and county physicians created a scholarship for students who graduated from one of our County schools who are attending any medical school. The fund distributes two $1,500 awards. This scholarship is not renewable but students can re-apply and can receive it up to 4 times. No GPA is required, only that they're in good academic standing and that there's evidence of their pursuit of an MD or DO.

    We initially sent letters to the eight medical schools in our state to make them aware of this opportunity so they could share it with students. We now send emails to schools as well as to all past scholarship recipients in our system. A lot of schools don't publicize outside scholarships though so I'm not certain if they're sharing the info or not.

    This particular scholarship has gone unawarded the last few years though as we have received no applications. When we do receive applications, it's been between one and three per year. I agree, unfortunately, it is difficult to reach those students who would be eligible to apply as they're those who are pursuing their bachelors degrees in colleges all over the state or even the country.

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