CSuite Promises (Recurring)

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We've set up promises/commitments that have end dates, but is there any way in CSuite to set up an open ended promise for a set yearly amount? It would be really nice to have it so that we don't have to manually track an amount that the donor wants us to bill them for each year? Or are there other options that I'm not readily seeing?



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    This is a really good idea! Promises are a relatively new feature so I think this would be a really good suggestion in the CSuite IdeaLab. For the time being, because promises do not affect the General Ledger, you could make the promise 1 scheduled payment on a yearly frequency. This will not prevent you from linking more than one donation as they come in throughout the year to meet the total. The big yearly amount will lower as you link smaller donations throughout the year to maintain the total promised amount.

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