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We have a scholarship in which participation in a sport is mandatory. We have had several inquiries as to if dance, marching band, other activities are considered a "sport." Does anyone have similar criteria and how to you define a "sport"


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    @KatieMcConville Back in my day, marching band and choir were alternative electives to "traditional" sports (since not everyone could participate equally in some sports). For scholarships, we went off of the school board's definition of physical education in the curriculum.

    I'm sure it has changed a lot since...would love to hear how others are defining P.E. now!

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    @KatieMcConville, we have a scholarship that requires participation in "athletics." I guess it depends on your donor's intent. Is there a living donor you could contact? I would think that if they specified "sports," they may be limiting it to traditional sports/athletics. This is the wording we have been using for our scholarship: "Applicants must be graduating seniors who participated in organized athletics while in high school or during teenage years." They did not want to limit it to high school sports for fear of leaving out sports that are not available at the high school level (for example, we have ice hockey in our community, but it's not at the high school level, just on rec/club teams). That is why we added "organized athletics while in high school or during teenage years." I hope this is helpful!

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