Grant Funding Types & Amounts

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Hi there,

Just wanted to start a general conversation around the types of grants folks offer and what the max funding amount is for each of the grants you offer. I am curious to start this conversation because our organization provides what I consider very small grants and hoping we can increase the amount we give per grant...but of course this is dependent on the funds we raise over the year. A majority of our grant funding comes from the sales of our Florida Play Tennis specialty license plate with not much fundraising done. We are currently looking to hire a Sponsor and Donor Manager, which I am so excited because I think the possibilities are endless with a role like this at our Foundation. I am excited to work closely with them to develop goals and plans for growing our grant programs to give out more funding, and ultimately, have a longer lasting impact in the community. So, in summary:

1.) What grants does your organization offer?

2.) What is the maximum amount funded for each of your grants?

We offer 3 grants currently.

1.) Equipment Grants - up to $2,500

2.) Program Support Grants - up to $10,000

3.) Wheelchair Grants - up to $10,000

Thanks in advance to those that contribute to this discussion 😄

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