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Hello! We have scholarships available to students getting a trade or technical degree or certification. There is a big push toward trade and technical fields, and we know kids are going into these fields. We also have donors willing to fund more of these types of scholarships. However, we struggle to get kids to apply. This year, we set up a cycle just for trade and technical scholarships outside of our normal cycle and simplified the application. We found good applicants, but still wish we had more students apply. The pool was limited. This is a hard group of students to reach. Has anyone had luck with these types of scholarships? Any tips to suggest?



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    I feel your pain, @MarieFelver. We have a trade/technical scholarship to retrain adults who experienced job loss, and we are struggling to get applicants. The most success we have had is through connecting with the trade schools and community colleges in our area to make them aware of the scholarship, and they send students our way. Traditional media and even social media has not worked well for us. Good luck!

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    Do you have a link to more info that can be shared with trade schools?

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    We also have a trade/technical award in our offerings. Like others here we have a very hard time getting students to apply for it, despite multiple extensions and school outreach. This past year we had one student come onto SLM and start her application but did not submit it. In the end, we awarded it to her anyways because she was the only person to show any effort at all.

    This year we also tapped into our grantee organizations that were best aligned and were running education/training programs for soon to be high school grads and young adults. We heard that there was interest from these individuals but unfortunately this didn't translate into applications. We are going to try this targeted outreach from the beginning of our awards season. 🤞

    I do wonder if the relatively low dollar amount is the deterrent. It's only a $500.00 award. The same students can apply for a more generalized award like Rotary and get a $1,000 award. Unfortunately the donor can't/won't increase the amount.

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