Quick Survey: Receiving feedback from applicants on our grant application process

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Has anyone posted a quick survey at the end of an application to gain feedback from grant applicants on how they liked the application process and suggestions for improvement? If so, what type of questions did you ask, and did you find the survey helpful?

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    I'm curious on this one too! As a Foundant employee, I've seen many surveys administrators have asked their organizations, typically at the bottom of the application form. Most are on the shorter side, all questions optional, so that the nonprofit doesn't HAVE to feel like they need to fill it out. Typically I'll see a generic comments section, how can we improve, and how long did it take you to fill out this application - things like that! And then the foundation staff would use reporting to get these answers out in order to make informed decisions about improving their grant program year over year.

    Hope this is helpful. I would love to see additional clients examples of surveys!


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