A little MORE conversation around grants management!

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Hello! It was great seeing so many of you in Elvis's town last week at Summit 2022! As @AshleyHarper and I mentioned in our session, we are hoping to bring a little MORE conversation and a little more ACTION to grants management (we want to avoid the aggravation though).

Some topics we discussed during our session:

Reminders and how to get grantees to actually complete follow ups:

  • Use reminder emails
  • Can use branching in application to hide unless they say ‘yes, I have completed all requirements for previous awards’
  • Hiding processes behind access codes that are only given if the follow up is completed

What to collect/how to collect financial documentation from nonprofits:

  • Think about what you will use this information for – only ask for what you absolutely need
  • Take a look at publicly available information (990’s, Guidestar, etc)
  • Give organizations some options for what they can provide (audited financials, postcard, income/expense sheet)

Let's keep the conversation going! Give us a little insight into the challenges your foundations are seeing with streamlining and updating your grantmaking processes.


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    @KatieDecker and @AshleyHarper One question I have around Grants Management is, how are other Foundation/GLM users triggering a payments in GLM for the multi year grants?

    We have for practice of making a payment dependent of a report submission from our Grantees. We currently have follow ups set up that reporting submission also include internal questions in regards to payment. Are there any one that has the payment approval separate from the reporting submission through follow up, though link a report with a payment... We are a bigger Community Foundation (60 employees) where we have multiple officer assigned requested across all our processes.

    Looking forward to ideas and conversation on this topic!



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    Juana Baribeau | Grants Process Analyst

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