Leveraging Donation Portal to Support Fundraising Efforts

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Outside of COVID19 disaster relief funds, we've never really leveraged the customization of the donation portal through CSuite/Stripe to highlight other funds and their work. As we are looking to grow our development team and the ways in which we support donors and fund holders interested in fundraising, I've wondered about customizing this page a little bit more often.

For example, during COVID19, we "Promoted" all the disaster relief for our partner communities. Moving forward, I am wondering about the utility of using the "Promote" feature to specially recognize and draw donors to other funds.

Some examples are highlighting all of our community funds and doing specific messaging around that. Recognizing designated endowment funds who all serve a similar mission (for example: "this month we are highlighting the critical work of our endowment partners who work in conservation across our state. Please visit our donation portal to make a contribution to their endowment fund to support this important work for generations to come."

Has anyone ever done anything like this? If so, what was your experience like? Was it helpful to fund holders? Were there any challenges?


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    Hi @SidneySuttles,

    Triangle Community Foundation has used the donation portal and fund advisor portal to showcase our Impact Area Funds. We highlight one fund (not multiple funds, at least not so far), pair that with emails to all our donors and outreach from our Donor Engagement team. Generally, we've had success using this model to mobilize money for Impact Area grantees because our donors have grown to expect it from us. We've done a version of this for 4+ years now. The one time we weren't very successful was a campaign that happened in the fall of 2020 (during the presidential election.

    Happy to chat more if you like - send me a message.

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    I like this idea. It sounds like a simple way to engage with your donors and provide them a simple way to donate. Do you find that most of the donations come through the donation portal or do you still receive a lot in other ways when you do this type of promotion?

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    @adamriding The majority of donations to our Impact Areas come through the donation/fund advisor portal when we do these campaigns.

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