Storytelling Questions on Final Report

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I attended the Storytelling Webinar yesterday featuring the City of Muskogee Foundation. It was mentioned that the Storytelling questions they use on their final report would be posted on Compass. Where can I find those questions?


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    Hi @KarenSchwartzman! I facilitated that webinar - let me connect with Laura from Muskogee and ask her to post those questions here. Stay tuned!

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    I really like the story questions and upload of various files. Somewhat related is that we are currently exploring asking grantees to present (likely via zoom) their progress directly to the grant committee. This was requested by a grantee as an opportunity to appeal to and communicate directly with the granting committee. We are considering options such as making this optional instead of the mid-year progress report or perhaps a optional in addition to the written progress report.

    Does anyone have any experience with or have committees that have organization present to the grant committee? I'm looking for different models for doing this.

    Thank you!

    George Lorente

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