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Electronic Fund Agreements - Establishing New Funds

LeeannNapoleonLeeannNapoleon Posts: 3
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Hello - have any foundations transitioned to electronic fund agreements for on-boarding new donor advised funds? I'm considering different options like DocuSign and appreciate any recommendations or lessons learned anyone has to share. Thank you, Leeann



  • AnnButterfieldAnnButterfield Posts: 11
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    Hi Leeann,

    We moved to DocuSign for our new Fund Agreements starting in 2020 when we went to remote work. Now that we are back in the office at least a few days a week, we will prefer live signatures, but will continue to use DocuSign when most convenient for the donor.


    Community Foundation Sonoma County

  • KaraAdamsKaraAdams Posts: 555
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    Hi @LeeannNapoleon! Here are some other discussions in the search results that mention Docusign and may be helpful for you!


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  • JulieKlippJulieKlipp Posts: 75
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    When we went fully remote in 2020 we looked at AdobePro and Docusign as options for electronic signatures on Fund Agreements. Docusign seemed more user friendly and a better known platform. We chose Docusign and have used it for the last two years. We've used it for several other signature needs like annual conflict of interest forms. It's been great.

  • LeeannNapoleonLeeannNapoleon Posts: 3
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    Thank you, All - I appreciate the feedback and insight.

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