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Are any Foundations managing a scholarship process for travel grants/awards? We've been approached by someone who is interested in supporting individuals who desire to travel to other countries for work, educational opportunities, and/or cultural exchanges.

We have awarded scholarships to high school students for mission trips, but the funds have been sent directly to the school or church organizing the trip to be applied towards their expenses.

If you offer travel scholarships, I am interested in learning how you manage the process!



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    My education foundation has a Windows on the World (WOW) grant for educators and we process and review the applications on the platform. I'm happy to share our process. Are you attending the Summit? I arrive in Memphis mid-afternoon on Sunday.

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    Hi Erin,

    We have a travel grant for educators (Called the Tibbie Leslie Travel Grants for Educators), and we host the application on GLM. Happy to share more details about our exact process with you! You can email me at [email protected], and check out more info on the program here: 😊


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