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What % of your started scholarship applications reach submission? #submitted/#total

We just closed our 1st Universal scholarship application. I'm new to the scholarship admin world and since we just came from a paper process we have no reference.

For our 67 opportunities they range from 33% to 100% with an average of 62%.

I know the factors include student behavior & benefit perception, my design errors, good instructional language, that they don't check their personal email for reminders, etc.

Just trying to have a benchmark so I know when our numbers are fairly normal.

Is there a good source for Foundation Scholarship metrics out there somewhere?


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    Hi @EvannaHardin! I'm moving your discussion back up the Recent Discussions list. Hopefully someone here in Compass has some benchmarking information for you!


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    Hi @EvannaHardin,

    When I was a Foundant client, my first year after coming from paper we had a 46% submission rate. We were all honestly shocked because we had never been able to see how many students started an application before. In subsequent years we were able to target students with applications in draft for in-person support from their high school counselor. in 3 years we had increased our rates to over 70% with just a small amount of coordination and outreach with the school sites. When comparing those to peer funders in our area, we realized that our rates were significantly higher than others in our county.

    All that to say, for year one, I think you're in a very normal place. There is regional variation. I bet you could use some of the reporting tools you now have access to for early support services if you wanted to increase them.


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    @CiaraStahly do you have any data you could share for comparison?

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    That is very helpful to me @AlyseBraaten. Thank you

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