Requesting a Copy of Board Lists

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I'm looking for some best practices on requesting a copy of an organization's Board list. Currently we just ask them to upload a copy of their current list with their application.

We'd like to ask for more specific information about each Board member, such as their background and expertise, but want to make sure we ask in a way that doesn't give us an entire life history.

Our goal is to see what each Board member "brings to the table" for the organization. Some organizations send us names, addresses and complete contact info. We really don't need that, but we don't want an entire bio for everyone either...

Any tips on how you ask for this info?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Joyce


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    @CarolReynolds, we have started down this road before to collect more information about their boards, but have pulled back because we do not want to add any undue burden to already super-busy people. We allow them to just upload their board list in whatever format they have. Then we have a question on each grant application that asks about staff and board expertise as it pertains to that particular request. I'm not sure if that helps you, but that has been our thought process. Below is a question from a recent grant application that was for programming or capital improvement.

    Key Staff & Expertise: Describe how your staff/volunteer structure and expertise positions your organization to carry out your mission, relevant programs, and this grant request.

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    @CarolReynolds, this is a great idea! I hadn't thought of adding the question to the application. We can certainly consider this option as well.

    Your input is greatly appreciated!


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