School and Student Name withheld in Fund statements

I'm curious to know if any of your donors have given you feedback about the new format for scholarship fund statements, now that the statements don't give any student information.

In previous years, our scholarship fund statements indicated the name of the college or university. When we switched to CSuite, we were only able to show student names in the fund statement. Now the student name is withheld, and there's no option to show just the grantee/vendor (the college or university) Are your donors questioning this change? If so, how are you responding?

Thanks very much for your advice,

Lee O'Neil

Scholarship Coordinator

Community Foundation of Fayette County, PA

5 S. Mount Vernon Avenue

Uniontown PA  15401



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    MeghanWarrickMeghanWarrick Posts: 23 ✭✭✭
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    So far we have one fund where this would be an issue but we do extensive reporting on the scholarships outside of CSuite for them and they seem satisfied so far. I'm not really clear on why that change happened and why it can't be an option to show or not show based on the needs of the fund. Our scholarship committees are looking at way more information on each student than just the amount awarded to each student as they evaluate them for the scholarship.

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