Vote on idea to inactivate Grant Types & help with 2022 data clean up

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It's 2022 and my org is now 3 years into using the GLM and CSuite - lots of learning since we started. We would like to mark some grant types we had at the beginning as "inactive" as they no longer are doing the trick, but they are attached to historical grants, which we would like to keep. If you are in a similar situation, think about voting for the idea to mark inactive (not my idea) in the Idea Lab. Right now it is "in consideration".

I'm just in "cleaning up" mode on few things, so I thought I'd raise the attention on this before my attention moves to other thing lol!

We have a grant type that we are no longer using because it's specific to a fund we no longer have. I would like to be able to delete this grant type, but not delete it from past grants. We still need that historical data for reporting.

Thanks to @JenniferBrambley for originally sharing the idea!

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