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Hi everyone! Our Foundation is looking for more grant seekers.

A) Do you have some great charities in the arts, education, or community development areas looking for additional funding this year? Could you send them my way?

B) What's the most effective way you've found to alert those in need to your Foundations?



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    TinaKilloranTinaKilloran Posts: 3

    C) Is there maybe a database or an online listing where grant seekers look for Foundations?

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    Hi @TinaKilloran

    I work with our nonprofit / grantseeker clients here at Foundant, and we've learned that the top 2 most common places where grantseekers go to search for general funding opportunities are:

    GrantStation: https://grantstation.com/ - info@grantstation.com is their general email. I can also connect you with their Research team to tune your profile so you get the right type of inquires. And they also mentioned that they can help promote on their social, etc. if that is something you would like.

    Candid's Foundation Directory Online: https://fconline.foundationcenter.org/

    Hope this is helpful! I know there are a lot of grantseekers out there looking for funding! :)

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    TinaKilloranTinaKilloran Posts: 3

    Thank you, Tammy!

    Let me check out the links you've provided, and I'll reach out with more questions. :-)

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