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Hi Everyone!

Our organization will soon begin accepting Video Applications from our applicants (they will have a choice to submit applications online, as a hard copy, video, etc). I was hoping to see if anyone could share any tips or best practices around accepting, tracking, and managing these applications. For instance, do you have requirements around video length, file size or format when submitting? How do you provide technical support to applicants? Do you have internal processes set up to store and manage these applications during the review phase?

I welcome any and all tips and advice! Thank you



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    TomWickershamTomWickersham Posts: 82 ✭✭✭
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    Kudos @KatieDesBois on making this leap! Unfortunately, we're not that advanced yet, so I can't help with any best practices 😕

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    Hi Katie,

    We're experimenting with doing this as an addition to the application on a case-by-case basis, focusing on very new organizations. We're doing them as interviews, so that the interviewer (me) can guide the interviewee(s) and make sure that we're getting the information we're looking for (not that we're feeding them answers, but that very new organizations sometimes don't entirely "get" the question, so we have to ask it a few different ways to get the information we need, eg. how stakeholders are involved in their work). I certainly don't have it all worked it, but I'd love to compare notes on what worked and what didn't!


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