Bequest Best Practices

Hi there!

I am hoping to learn more about bequest practices from other community foundations.

I am curious as to what internal forms/process are used by other foundations? Is there anything others have found to be particularly useful in navigating planned giving, particularly if there is no signed fund agreement?

Are outfacing forms useful for educating potential donors?

I would appreciate any input!

Thank you



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  • Hi!

    We don't have specific forms available publicly, but we do include some language on our website which donors can use in their estate planning to ensure gifts are made appropriately to our CF. You can find that here: We do try to have estate and legacy planning conversations with our donors prior to their passing to get fund agreements signed and ensure we have a solid plan in place for distributions which align with their charitable interests prior to their passing. Not sure this is exactly what you were looking for, but I hope it's helpful!


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    We do the same with the language on our website. Ours is targeted towards professional advisors. It's here:

    Most of our known bequests have a signed fund agreement but there's always those surprise ones! We are working to make sure we have follow up questions and document as much as possible when donors inform us of a future gifts so that we can get plans in place.

  • We have some information on our website on how to leave bequests. You can find more information here -

  • I am also interested in learning more, and want to know what board polices should be in place. Any suggestions?

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