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We have previously had a parent/guardian certification section on our application. After the Foundant SLM series this fall we are considering dropping that section on all our applications. We do collect financial information on our need-based applications mainly in the form of a questions, FAFSA SAR upload, and school financial aid offer letter. Is there any reason we would need a parent/guardian section on our applications? Curious what others are doing. Thanks!


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    @SarahBurzycki - we have scholarships that are established by organizations for children of their employees - so the main requirement to apply is "do you have a parent that works here?" and they have to provide the parent's name and documentation from the organization where the parent works. Since we have one application, it is easier to keep this section on our application - at least for now! I hope this helps and hope you get some good feedback! Thanks! Kasey

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    This is interesting. At ACF, I just ADDED a parent/guardian section. Students need to acknowledge if they are under the age of 18 and the parent/legal guardian needs to also e-sign the application and give us their contact information.

    We also added that applicants give ACF a "Secondary Contact" which needs to be an adult, but not necessarily their parent/legal guardian if they are over the age of 18. This is for us to have an additional contact person in the case that we cannot get a hold of the applicant.

    When students are under the age of 18, I feel like some parent/legal guardian thumbs up should be asked for. Especially when asking for financial information, using the student's story in marketing etc.

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