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Good afternoon,

I was wondering if any of you use a texting software to stay in contact with scholarship students? If so, what software do you use?

Thank you!

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  • Hi @robincowles! Great question...I hear all the kids are on their phones these days. Oh wait, aren't we all?! 😂

    You may also be interested in this discussion about texting services.


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    @robincowles - I am new to the Foundation Scholarship world and Foundant, but come from a private scholarship organization where we used another product that offered texting.... the price was a little high, I thought, but my response rate from the students increased. I definitely want to look at texting through Foundant - I think it is a great tool!

    @KaraAdams - thank you for sharing this post - I am going to read more about the discussion about texting services.



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