B.A. vs B.S. - Type of 4 year Degree for Scholarship

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Hi all

I have a donor who would like to limit their scholarship applications to students who will be studying for a B.S. degree only (in addition to a STEM field of study - to include nursing and vo-ag). Students planning to study at a technical, vocational, business school are also eligible to apply for a scholarship - but only the 2 or 4 year degree gets the stipulation of B.S.

I've been trying to find some information on BS vs BA degrees - and trying to discourage this limitation.

Does anyone else have this as a criteria? If so , How do you handle it?

My take is multiple:

1) We have never asked that question (type of degree) on our application. I really don't want to start into that since we have scholarships that range from certificate programs (technical/vocational/business schools) to 2- and 4-year college/university programs.

2) I don't think most students are even thinking along those lines of B.A. vs. BS.

3) My big concern is that a B.S. degree in some schools may be a B.A. at another - for example, one local school I looked at you can get a B.A or a B.S. in mathematics.

4) I have one student this past year attending a college that does not require them to declare a major until into their sophomore year - so how would you know it is a BA or BS?

I know I can use the eligibility quiz to delineate type of degree, but would I really get a student who knows what their planning to major it. (and majors sometimes change from application to enrollment.)


Thanks so much


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