Non-traditional scholarships for adults seeking job skills retraining

Does anyone have experience managing a non-traditional scholarship program to support adults looking for job skills retraining?

All of our current scholarships are traditional ones aimed at high school seniors or current college students. I would love to see examples of applications for non-traditional scholarships and learn how you've set up your process. For example, do you use rolling application deadlines rather than the traditional January - March timeframe? And how do you market these scholarship opportunities?

Many thanks!

Laurie Abildso

Vice President

Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia, Inc.

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    I am interested in this, also. I feel as if the questions in my Universe branch for "non-traditionals" need improvement. I'm also thinking that we should use language more akin to "Adults wishing to further their education", since the term "non-traditional" is kind of a foundation industry term that other people don't exactly understand,

    KaraAdams (Former Community Manager)LaurieAbildsoStephanieSYoung
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