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We have a policy that allows our DAFs to earmark a portion of their gift(s) as endowment OR spendable (or both).

In the event of market gains and based on the way Foundant's Fund Advisor Portal portrays details, any market earnings do not show up on the Fund Holder's landing page. That causes confusion.

Similarly, we wonder if there are CFs that allow a donor to recommend a grant from their Spendable AS WELL as current-day investment earnings.

For instance: $100,000 gift.

$10,000 is endowment

$90,000 is held as spendable. All funds are in the market (our practice after a conversation with our donors about grantmaking horizons)

$10,000 in ADDITIONAL unrealized market earnings are achieved.

Do you allow for a $100,000 grant, realizing market earnings for the grant?

Thanks loads. Amy

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