Identifying Volunteer Stewards

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We would like to identify our Volunteer Stewards in CSuite and wonder how others might be doing this. We don't want to make them Foundant users. Currently I have them set up in the Relationship tab with a Relationship Type of 'Volunteer Steward'.

With the addition of Custom Fields I'm wondering if there is a more efficient way of marking these records and the donors they will be stewarding.



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    jessbarriejessbarrie Posts: 7 ✭✭
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    Hi Michelle - we are working on capturing similar data too. We have a volunteer Ambassador Circle, each member helps to steward 4-5 existing fundholders to support our donor stewardship work. We also don't want to make them Foundant users, and I've also got them linked as 'volunteer steward' in the profile - they make phone calls and follow up on important work, this is a very new area for us, and I'm interested in capturing their work. I'm be interested in learning if there is something we are missing.

    Thank you!

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