Does anyone offer application coaching?

Hi all,

During this year's selection process one of our evaluators noted that he could see potential in several applicants but their written responses were not as strong as other more talented writers and therefore their evaluation scores were lower.

His recommendation was to coach these students through the application process. Is this something that other organizations are doing? I'm not 100% convinced that we think we should start working with individual students on their applications as it keeps us from being objective as we are sometimes asked for opinions from the evaluators.

If anyone has resources they point students to that would be super helpful. 😁



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    We do not coach the applicants, but we offer a bit of advice as an instruction in the Personal Statement section:

    Things to think about when you create your essay or personal statement:

    1. You will want to put your best self forward, so be sure your essay is well-organized and your spelling and grammar are correct.
    2. Make sure you have answered the question.
    3. Be original. And of course, DO NOT plagiarize. Our evaluators can and do check your work if they think it is not original.

    I hope this helps!

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    Our evaluators receive the training. Among the things we encourage is to not be too strict on grammar, punctuation, and writing talent. In our experience, the best writers are not necessarily the ones with the most need . . . or the most grit.

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