Finding an investment advisor for the small but growing community foundation

Any referrals for fiduciary or OCIO investment advisors, specializing in community foundations with less than $2mm in investable assets and in need of investment policy development and endowment fund setup? Preliminary research finds a limited pool, ranging from shaky to possibly credible.



  • We use Mason Investment Advisory Services, Inc. and are very satisfied. I know that they can investment the assets for you and develop a investment policy. I am not sure what you mean by endowment fund setup but I would give them a call. Here is their contact information:

    Will Thorpe

    Chief Marketing and Development Officer

    Institutional Division

    Mason Investment Advisory Services, Inc.

    11130 Sunrise Valley Drive

    Suite 200

    Reston, VA 20191

    p (703) 716-6000 x 124 

  • Very helpful Deborah. Will reach out to them. Have a great weekend! mb

  • And congratulations on the MBA! 👨‍🎓

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