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Hi all,

One thing I noticed this year is our overall application submission numbers were lower than 2019 and 2018. Did anyone else see that in their submission numbers as well? Our outreach was similar to years past, but with an obvious inability to reach out to schools since March 6th (spring break in Alaska), I missed out on about 3 weeks of "final pushes".

Let me know if you saw something similar and what your plans are for outreach to students next year.


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    Good morning,

    Ours actually increased this year, but we did go to the Universal Application. Our scholarship deadline was also prior to all the cancellations, so we were very fortunate.

  • Our application just opened on April 15th and I have seen an increase in the numbers so far. We also are holding a Zoom office hours if students have questions. I email all the local schools guidance counselors and we use social media. I also text all past recipients. Hoping for larger numbers this year. Stay tuned we close on July 15th.

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