• Jen, The fraud was a temporary charge and we never incurred expenses that would have warranted allocating to a "Fraud Fund". Best, Deirdre
  • We use quickBooks online for our accounting software and they have a 1099 filing service with Intuit. It handled all the new requirements for the 1099NEC and I received confirmation from the IRS that filing was accepted.Couldn't be any easier. Best, Deirdre Hamill Director of Finance The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation…
  • We had a similar experience a few years back. Our bank (JPM Chase) worked very closely with us to close the accounts and to successfully transition to a new account. We also had to review each legitimate pending payment and authorize the bank to release each payment. It was a tedious but necessary task. Thankfully our…
  • @LizMcClure A few years ago we migrated to emailing applicants, both approval and denial letters. We have saved a great deal of time and money with this transition. Best, Deirdre
  • @WendyVendel - We do not have any integration, the number of grants we give each year is approximately 20-25. Deirdre Director of Finance Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation
  • We use Quickbooks for our accounting software and it has a wonderful budget component. Deirdre
  • We generate an electronic grant agreement. We use the follow-up feature in Foundant. It works great! You can even send email reminders as mentioned and see what follow-ups are still outstanding for any given process. Best, Deirdre Hamill The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation
  • We use Quickbooks online, not the desktop version. Ease of accessibility is great. We also use their online bill pay service as well. Happy to discuss offline if you wish. Best, Deirdre​ Hamill Director of Finance and Administration Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation 42 West 54th StreetNew York, NY 10019…