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Earlier this week we had a chat with grant professionals about the challenges we face and how career resilience is so important to succeed and advance in the grants profession. We're curious about your thoughts on career resilience.

-- How do you define career resilience?

-- Why is resilience an important skill to cultivate for your career development?

-- What has helped you to bounce back from set backs?

-- How have you built your career resilience?


Jo Miller, GPC




  • Resilience is everything!

    Thank you for bringing this to the forefront! I'm looking forward to being part of the discussion and can't wait to talk with the Foundant Community.

  • From today's webinar

  • Thanks for sharing the poll, @TammyTilzey! I really enjoyed the chat during the webinar today. Kudos to the presenters - @JoMiller and @lesakaye.

  • I am really being challenged on being "career resilient." My director moved to a new organization. I would have been the interim director, but since I am off-site, they elected to have one of my on-site co-workers fill that position. I have 24 years of experience in my field and she has 4. Her communication skills are terrible. She makes assumptions of guilt or asks questions she has already decided the answer to. If I call her on her assumptions or don't give her the answer she is looking for, she accuses me of holding back information or taking actions I had nothing to do with. Conversations are "Why did you do this?" "I didn't" "Well, then who did? You did it." and on and on. I am ready to dump this job I have had for 14 years if something does not change. If I bring this up to HR or her direct, all I get back is, "Well this is a time of adjustment, just be a team player." It's hard when I feel she is on the opposite team. Super frustrated right now.

  • Career resilience is something I'm continuing to work on. It's even more of a priority now as I've advanced in my career and focus more on fulfillment vs achievement. This week, in dealing with a difficult colleague/situation, I went through the framework that Jo presented during the webinar. The framework and questions helped me recognize that my core professional/personal values (aspirations) are not present in my current work environment. I spoke with (seeking advice) my supervisors, who I trust, and it helped me find the answer to this challenge. I now have an action plan for short-term and long-term steps. I'm learning that career resilience takes intentional practice.

  • Kathy @KathyButton ,

    How are you doing? I have had a similar experience. I hear you loud and clear. I don't have answers. I have compassion and I understand.

    Have there been any changes since your post on May 4?


    Jo Miller, GPC


  • Hi Jo @JoMiller ,

    Thank you for your understanding.

    It got worse for a while before it got better. I took a vacation to sort things out and decided to give it a few more months. A new director is coming in July, so I only have to answer to my coworker another week. Another member has been added to our department, so a lot of the non-grant stuff I have had on my plate will go away. We will see what the changes bring. I do have a standing job offer at another organization, so I have an exit if I need one.

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