Consultant Needed

Hello, our foundation is seeking a consultant who can help identify innovative projects to fund for healthcare for the underserved - "big idea" type initiatives. Can you suggest such a resource? Many thanks.



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    Hello Diane - Sorry not to have responded yesterday, but we had a big snow storm here in Vermont and my internet was down. I have reached out to two colleagues who are extremely well connected nationally with people and organizations related to underserved communities. I hope to hear from them soon and will pass along names and suggestions. For the best change-making impact, I believe it is essential that the guidance you receive be provided by someone who is deeply ingrained in or a member of the underserved community, and my contacts may suggest a community process rather than a person. A big-picture, transformative type initiative, I'm sure, will be done hand-in-hand with or lead by those affected by the health disparities that concern you.

    Very best regards to you and your colleagues at the foundation.


  • Thank you Barbara! Great points and I really appreciate your insights!

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