Style of Governance

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Organizations have different needs, ways to operate and varying styles of governance. I'm curious about the successes and dilemmas you realize from how your board operates.

I was chair of the board of a national organization recently and we used the Carver style of governance. The board worked on ends and the staff were left alone to work on the means. I found this created a great working relationship between staff and board and gave guidance to the board on our activities. The board was successful because it kept its focus on outcomes and the big picture. Last year for example, our board created Vision 2020 with four work areas to direct our actions for the entire year. At each meeting we reported on the advancement of each work area and looked at the outcomes of each. After each board meeting one of the board members would give an analysis of the board work for that session. We developed a standard set of questions to evaluate our board work. This helped keep us focused.

What are your board success and horror stories?

Kent C. Weimer, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®

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