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Thanks for attending The 3 C’s to Thriving in a Pandemic webinar last week!

When your mission is to help others get grants so they can do incredible things, there's nothing better than having 1,200 people attend your webinar from all over the U.S., Canada and throughout the world.

We had a great Q&A session, but even going overtime, were unable to get to ALL the questions, so here are a few popular ones that came up that I promised to address...

Q#1 Do corporations fill out 990 forms?

A#1 I think you are asking about for-profit or business tax returns. No, business tax returns are not public in the United States. Corporate tax information is completely confidential.

Q#2 Which key elements distinguish an application in a very competitive grant?

A#2 Great question!! This is a fairly long answer that I boil down into a 3-video series called Top 3 Secrets to Winning Grants where I share what I learned as a foundation executive. That video series will be available for free in the next month or two. Sign onto my email list to get notified about this and other trainings at: https://www.grants4good.com/contact/

Q#3 How does applying for general support, operation, or capital grants differ from program specific grants. Any tips on winning these?

A#3 The key to obtaining grants for general operating support and capital funding is to tie the RESULT of the grant to a specific outcome(s). Funders want to know what difference they make to people and the community. For example, funding to build onto an existing theater could expand arts education programs and involve {insert your number} of youth in the community.

Other questions included:

·      How do you find new funders?

·      I have a hard time contacting family foundations. Often I find my messages don’t get returned, or there is no contact information available at all. Do you have any advice?

·      If you are denied funding from an application and they don't respond to a follow-up email, is it worth trying to apply again?

But most often, I heard your concerns about the need to save time and energy since you are a “one-person” operation at your organization. To get help, check out the All About Grant Writing self-paced online course I mentioned on our webinar and don't forget to use your special discount code!

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