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Tammy & Tara, Thanks for getting me set up with this wonderful group.

In 2007, I launched a grant writing business Melissa Draut Grant Writing after a career in the newspaper industry as a sales and marketing executive. My strength is building relationships and developing support from private and corporate foundations. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, most of my work is in the domestic violence category serving the Ohio Domestic Violence Network and the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence. I have also worked with a visual arts group, children's agency, and Catholic urban secondary school for girls.

It is a privilege to do this work. Securing grant funding non-profit organizations creates a lasting impact for our communities.

In life, I'm lucky to be Ken's wife, Sam's mom, and Loki's dog loving human. Other titles: Journal writer, book club member, lap swimmer, yoga practitioner, Sarcoma cancer survivor, oil painter, spiritual learner, and porch sitter. 


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    Welcome Melissa! Your introduction warms my heart! And we are so fortunate to have you as part of this community. I hope you enjoy connecting with others on this platform. You have a rich background of experience. Your list of interests and titles are some great ideas for badges! (have you gone through all our badges yet? check out the list by clicking 'Badges' on the top menu)

    I LOVE reading books & sitting on porches too!

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