Prospecting for Good-fit Funders

Hello Foundant Community

I'll wager that many of you have your funder research approach nailed down and refined to laser precision. And I'll also bet that some of you are just getting that piece of the puzzle into place. Either way, this part of a grant professional's work is critical and continuous. It weighs heavily in making or breaking your success in winning awards. Do you have a true-blue approach or a new inspiration? I'll be sharing my approach on November 19 in a Foundant webinar. I hope you'll join in, chat, and participate in Q&A to share your knowledge and learn from others.

Best wishes!

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  • I am always open to learning new tips! I'll look through the webinar library and watch in my down time this coming week. Thanks!

  • Hello Colleagues

    I heard recently from a grants professional in Puerto Rico who works at a island-wide affiliate of a US-wide youth-focused organization. There aren't a lot of foundations in PR and the organization does get funding from those foundations--although in a limited amount due to their capacity. A big problem for him is that he is not having success with large US-based foundations. One issue he expressed is that program officers at the large US foundations won't take his calls. My advice to him was that, based on the importance of his issue area and the significant, documented need in PR, he needs to kick-the relationship-building ball up the ladder and work with executive staff and board members, and possibly to have those people reach out to high-profile, well-known people in PR who will champion the issue with US funders. He hadn't gone this route, and I'm hoping it will be successful. It takes time, outreach, education, coordination and effort, but I think that's the route to go. Let me know what you think. I'll pass your insights along.

    Best, Barbara

  • If you can't get to a grants officer to talk, consider sending a short but compelling Case Statement to them to introduce your program.

    Susan Schaefer a presenter at the 2019 GPA conference had a great map, sorry I can't find her presentation. Essentially she said, call leave a nice message "would love to introduce myself and my organization, I'll be sending information" send intro letter and case for support. wait a month, call again, ask for short phone meeting. wait if you don't hear back. Continue. She indicated that it wasn't unusual to take six months before you get an appointment. She likened it to how many meetings you have before you make a big ask.

    The other thing that can be helpful is looking at who they have funded in your region and ask them to introduce you to a program officer.

  • Thanks so much, Diane. Patience and persistence rule.



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