Adapting Your Programs for COVID-19

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There is no denying it. Every nonprofit organization has been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another. I've seen some clients pivot their programs in the following ways:

  • an arts organization that used to offer theatre performances in person for the price of admission, now offer their performances virtually. Instead of just earning revenue from those that are locally able to attend, they expanded their revenues by offering their programming to a national audience.
  • a summer camp for students with disabilities is offering online summer camp. Students can complete summer activities like drawing, creating projects, and art designs via Zoom and can present their projects to fellow campers.
  • a mentoring program that moved their mentoring from in-person to online by offering weekly connections between mentees and mentors.

How has your organization or client revamped their programs to adapt to impacts from COVID-19?


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    If you just left the "Adapting Your Programs to COVID-19" webinar, here is your opportunity to engage. We were not able to get through all the questions, but now is your chance to ask questions and continue the engagement.

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    Hi Shavonn - everyone enjoyed your session today! Here are the polls from the attendees who joined us:

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