Greetings from Maryn at GrantsMagic U!

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Happy to hop in and say hi ... I'm a long-timer in Grants World (think: pre-Internet, pre-email, pre-PC, etc., etc.) and have done just about every grants-related thing you can do - grantseeking, grantmaking, everything in between and around the edges. Since about 2002 I've been focusing my work on training and in 2015 launched a fully online training academy called GrantsMagic U, which - I am astonished and proud to say - now has over 5,000 students representing every U.S. state and territory and 28 countries. One of my passions is pulling back the curtain, so to speak, and sharing with grantseekers what I've learned during my years as a grantmaking program officer - to demystify what goes on behind the scenes and turn the grantmakers/reviewers into real live people. A kind of backstage pass, I like to say. Thrilled to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in an urban-forest neighborhood just minutes from lakes and rivers and running trails. Always happy to meet and mingle with fellow Grants World denizens, Logic Model nerds, avid planners, lovers of language, and people of passion, good heart, and curious mind.

How about you? 😉


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    ToniDowneyToniDowney Posts: 1

    I have taken courses through your company that have really helped me. Glad we are both part of this.

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    KimHuettKimHuett Posts: 1

    Hi Maryn, I have also taken classes through GransMagic U, and am glad to join you on this forum!

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    Thanks for joining and introducing yourself Maryn!

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    Maryn, I always like hanging with other logic model nerds!!!

    Julie Assel, GPC


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